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UFO High bay




★ Stereo cross ventilation design with super heat dissipation.

★ LED SMD design has better heat dissipation than LED COB. 

★ Low power unit LEDs series-parallel connection has better heat dissipation than integrated light source

★ Elegant design. Punching, hydraulic and spinning technology.

★ IP65. Waterproof and dust-proof.

★ Energy saving-Low consumption but high illumination.

★ Three kinds of lampshades, suitable for different place.

★ High quality radiator makes the light ventilative and dry.

ModelWat(W)Beam angleEfficiencyLumen fluxSizePackage sizeNet weight
CS-BYU-0-100100W60° 90°120°130lm/w13000lm260*178mm360*360*200mm2.5kg
CS-BYU-0-150150W60° 90°120°130lm/w19500lm325*188mm430*430*210mm3.6kg
CS-BYU-0-200200W60° 90°120°130lm/w



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